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How Does the Grease Shield Work?

The Grease Shield works in four stages to ensure reliable and efficient removal of FOG and food waste solids. Primarily, the unit works to remove food solids. Effluent from sinks, ovens and other appliances enters the Grease Shield.

Food solids automatically get screened and dewatered by an inclined auger or pre-filter and the immediately deposited into an external Food Solids Collection container. For a heavier flow of food waste it is recommended that a Pre-Filter or FilterShield is used to aid the Grease Shield with its management of food solids.

Next, Grease Shield implements its automatic grease separation system by taking advantage of waste thermal energy present in the effluent. Emulsified animal fats and FOG are removed before they solidify, using a combination of retaining baffles, reverse flow configuration and the differing specific gravities of water and FOG, which are complemented by thermal layers within the effluent.

Put simply, Grease Shield works on the basis that FOG has a lower specific gravity than water. This makes it float and after the wastewater comes through the inlet, it separates out due to gravity leaving the remaining FOG, which has been forced to travel twice the length of the system due to Grease Shield’s innovative design.

After the oil has been separated, it then becomes attracted to a FOG roller. This semi-submerged, slowly rotating cylinder is made from oleophilic material that attracts oil and repels water. This patented roller then becomes coated in oil and as the roller turns it is scraped off by a rubber ‘wiper’ blade with anti-friction properties, where it is decanted into an external container and can be safely disposed of and recycled.

The ‘cleaned’ water passes out underneath the baffle to the outlet and drain. Finally and uniquely, the Grease Shield operates a regular self-cleaning cycle so there is no cleaning for staff to undertake. This process includes an internal wash-down and activation of circulation pumps, reusing and recirculating grey water with intermittent cleaning cycles that remove fine sedimentation so there is no standing water or foul odours.

This re-circulation works with a rhythmical system, internally pulsing 5 minutes on and then 5 minutes off, with ensures maximum efficiency and the removal of ‘floaty’ dairy products. It also subsequently avoids the usage of potable water.

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