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Grease Shield provides automatic grease separation and solids removal using cost effective methods. It is a Pro-Active mechanical grease trap operating in real time. Whilst traditional grease traps work with the basis of leaving the separated FOG (fats, oils and grease) within the unit, the Grease Shield is the only pro-active grease trap to remove it.

  • Removes fat, oil and grease (down to 100ppm) as well as solid food waste particles by using a pre-filter and an optional automatic solids removal system.
  • The Grease Shield is the first and only “Green” certified grease trap in the world. With the absence of chemicals as well as control time locks and no heating element required, the Grease Shield is the recommended option for the economically minded as well as those companies seeking to be more environmentally friendly.
  • A huge time and labour saver, the Grease Shield is fully automatic. This enables your kitchen to maintain a high standard whilst the Grease Shield removes FOG and larger particles continuously and self-cleans when required without demanding man-power.
  • By using waste thermal energy, the Grease Shield does not require the use of any heating elements and therefore does not increase energy bills.
  • Grease Shield removes and dewaters organic solid matter found in kitchen wastewater effluent. This therefore removes any foul odours and does not negatively affect the working environment

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